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The Surfboard of a Real American Hero
A Design from Surfing`s First Major Transition
The Surfboard of Los Angeles Times Mogul Otis Chandler
A Very Early Balsawood Surfboard
A Truly Rare Survivor
A Board from the Days When Malibu Reached Critical Mass
The History of Surfing in Eleven Feet
A Yater Masterpiece
A Favorite Board of a Hawaiian Legend
Well-traveled Prop From the Film "Ride the Wild Surf"
The 86" "Yater Spoon" from the Film "Apocalypse Now"
Authorized by Fantastic Four Creator Stan Lee
A Beautiful Mahogany Blake Surfboard
Early Tom Blake Surfboard - With a Rare Patent
A Traditional, Hawaiian Design
A Waimea-Ready Redwood and Balsa Masterpiece
Dale Velzy Interpretation of Pacific Systems Early 1930's Standard
An Exceedingly Rare Plank