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Friday, July 22nd, 2011 Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber in Waikiki hosted the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction reception party; it was a day to remember! The late afternoon convocation took place in the Honolulu Surfing Museum and the connecting lanai pool deck of the restaurant. Among those in attendance for the pre-auction festivities were many of the most revered luminaries within the sport of surfing. A buffet dinner consisting of several of the restaurant's fabled signature dishes was served replete with host bar. A fine time was had by all.

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Bob Scholfield Sandra Kimberly Hall -authoritarian on Duke Kahanamoku & TV Hawaii surf report & Bob Scholfield (R) Buffalo Keaulana (L), Greg Noll (C). Henry Preece
Matt Velzy son of Dale Velzy (L), Charlie Galento (R) Aggie Quigg Derrick Doerner (R) & friend
Kimo Hollenger  Hawaiian surfing legend (R) Ricky Grigg, winner of 2nd Duke Kahanamoku Contest, big wave surf legend Chad Wong (L), Tamara Baldanza (C), Randy Caleskie from Jimmy Buffett's at the Beachcomber